How We Work

For Seed Suppliers And Dealers

We offer a unique service for the sales and disposition of Surplus Inventory sales and disposition. Through an aggressive marketing effort we help suppliers and distributors turn their over-produced and written-off inventory into cash. And, we market this seed without invading or disrupting your existing distribution systems. We bring qualified buyers to this inventory, providing a unique new resource to the seed industry.

At all times we do everything possible can to maintain whatever level of confidentiality is requested as well as maintaining complete transparency with both supplier and customer. We keep things simple and clear for all parties

How We Work Tomaotoes

For Seed Buyers

The Wholesale Vegetable Seeds provides comprehensive listings of high quality, commercial vegetable and agronomic seeds for sale.

SURPLUS INVENTORY: Working with the Supplier, we work to list these products with descriptions that are clear and accurate. This inventory is market proven, varieties developed to fit the needs of a their market. By matching it to your market needs it allows you to offer your customers the superior performance of a hybrid at prices closer to the standard, lesser expensive OP’s.

STANDARD OP: Each year we contract to produce certain OP varieties that are in demand in markets all over the world. These productions are tested for germination, purity, genetic identity for “off types” and common seed borne disease as required by import requirements. Our quality is excellent and our prices are competitive.

PROPRIETARY: We also offer a unique group of Proprietary varieties of tomatoes, melons, squash, peppers, onions and cucumbers sourced from small, independent breeding companies all over the world. These are offered in bulk for packing and selling in your own brand, in your market.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about any the listings we have here, OR for something we don’t have on our current list, but you are in need of.


For Seed Suppliers And Dealers