Who We Are

Wholesale Vegetable Seeds is operated by the LRK|SB Marketing Group. In the beginning, we specialized in consolidating the long and written-off Surplus Inventory from some of the industry’s major supply sources for its sale and disposition. Today we continue to offer surplus seeds of all types from many sources around the world.

Today, Wholesale Vegetable Seeds also offers a broad range of Standard (OP) seeds produced for us by seed production companies all over the world.

We also offer a Proprietary line of products for markets all over the world. These varieties have been selected specifically to meet the needs of these important markets from small specialty breeding companies looking to expand their business into new markets. All of these products are offered in bulk for sale in your own brand

Larry Kampa has worked in the vegetable agriculture industry for over 20 years. Joining Petoseed in 1992 after more than a decade in the produce industry in marketing functions with both The Packer newspaper and Western Grower Association, he joined Sunseeds as Vice-President of Marketing In 1994. After leaving Sunseeds in 1998, he held the same post at SeedWorks. In 2002 he joined Daehnfeldt and served as NAFTA Market Manager for five years. He joined Twenty Two North and the International Seed Group, as Marketing Lead in 2007. For the next three years he worked with major industry suppliers in liquidating their over-productions and long inventory. From this, Wholesale Vegetable Seeds and the LRK|SB Marketing Group was born.